Bookings Policy

Each year our committee tries to arrange an annual holiday visiting several gardens and also day excursions.  We also like to organise special interest workshops and, in addition to our monthly speakers, we occasionally engage a celebrity speaker.  Every other year we arrange a day of lectures to which we invite neighbouring HPS groups.  For all these there will be a charge but we don’t aim to make a profit, or indeed a loss, so it is sometimes a bit of a juggling act!  They will be advertised in our Newsletter, on our Facebook page, on our website, occasionally by special e-mailings/posts and at our monthly meetings.

You can make a booking through the post, by e-mail or when you meet with a committee member. In some cases, such as booking our annual gardening holiday you will be required to complete a form and pay a deposit.  For items such as zoom lectures where a nominal charge is made you simply put in a request to attend and pay the full fee.

Some of our events book up very quickly, so it is always advisable to book as soon after an event has been arranged to ensure you get your place.  For most of our events we are happy to take bookings up until the day before if spaces allow, although probably not for the annual holiday.

In some cases where bookings are low and therefore the event may not be financially viable we may welcome bookings from non-members at the discretion of the committee.


  • At monthly meetings you can make a payment in cash for which a receipt will be issued.
  • You can pay by cheque made payable to Lincs Group of HPS
  • You can pay by BACS:-

Name:                                   Lincs Group of HPS

Sort code:                            30-95-05

Account No:                        01611933

Reference :                          Your surname followed by the event, e.g. September zoom or annual holiday.




If we cancel an event you will be refunded in full or we can hold a credit for you against payment for a future event.

If you cancel an event it will depend on which event and when you cancel as to whether you will get a refund but if you are able to resell your place you can of course get a full refund.

Holiday cancellations.  Generally deposits to secure a holiday have to be paid over to our agent about 4 months prior to the holiday.  Before that date, as long as we are still holding your deposit we can refund it to you.  If it has been paid to the agent you may lose your deposit unless you have taken out either their or your own holiday insurance, provided you can claim as per those conditions.  If you cancel and have paid us your balance but we have not yet paid it over to the agent, we can refund your balance, but if we have already paid it to the agent (usually two months before the travel) again it will depend on whether you have holiday insurance. 

In the event of a cancellation we will always try to re-sell your place and if we are able to do so you will get a refund in full.

Day excursions.  In this case you will not be required to pay a deposit but pay the full amount when making your booking.  We do not usually use an agent but have to pre-book a coach and the gardens we are visiting.  It will therefore depend on when you cancel.  If you cancel before we have paid the coach company we will be able to refund your money.  If, however, we have already paid your money over to the coach company and garden owners we may not be able to refund you, unless we can resell your place.

All other events; bi-annual lecture day, celebrity speakers, zoom lectures, workshops, etc.  We will refund you in full if you cancel within 7 days of the event.




For all events you can expect to be repaid any monies paid to us within 7 days either by cheque or BACS unless you prefer us to hold your monies against another event.




Lincolnshire HPS does have insurance cover provided by our national organisation through Aviva.  The policy number is 100682510CCI.

This covers property damage, money and assault, business all risks, business interruption, Employers’ Liability, public & products liability (£5,000,000) and commercial legal protection.