JANUARY 22ND  2pm       

Julian Sutton - Desirable Plants

“A Dream in Winter”

A celebration of those plants which flower in that start-stop season, before winter has ended, before spring has really got going




FEBRUARY 26TH  1.30pm AGM    

 Timothy Walker

“Bordering on Insanity - creating an all year round border"

This talk looks exclusively at the herbaceous border in Timothy's wife's previous garden.  The border was created over 25-years and the talk covers the principles and practicalities that were adopted in an attempt to create a border that is interesting all-year-round.  It concludes with a look at a collection of must-have plants for such a border, and associations in which they may be grown.


MARCH 26TH  2pm     

 Don Witton - Perennials Throughout the Year”


APRIL 23RD  2pm                          

 Janette Merilion

“Plants for Difficult Places”

There is a plant that will grow in the most awkward spot, whether it is deep shade, shallow chalk or where the rabbits love to graze.




Derry Watkins – Special Plants

"Late Summer Colour"

The big, the bold and the beautiful.





OCTOBER 22nd 2pm

Roger Standley

“Garden Rococo”






NOVEMBER 26th 2pm

Graham Spencer

“From Cutting to Garden Centre”

This talk looks at how plants are produced for your garden,  which covers the supply chain from plant breeder through clean stock to mother stock to rooting station to plant finisher to retailer – all those terms are explained in the presentation. It’s a look at how modern commercial horticulture works and how plants are grown for supply to your local plant retailer.