Garden Visits Summer 2022



Tues 7th June AND Thurs. 18th August  2/4 pm


 A large garden featuring mature trees and shrubs and herbaceous borders, ha-ha, newly designed vegetable garden, water feature and beautiful vistas in  every direction. The Lincolnshire Wolds forms a backdrop to this picturesque garden. An absolute delight!  The yard was formerly a racing stable. Refreshments available



Wednesday June 8th 2/4 pm


 We attempt to achieve colour and interest in our garden throughout most months of the year, and in addition we are keen to attract as much wild life as possible- except rabbits! There are several colour themed island beds, 2 long herbaceous borders, a hosta border, gravel bed with grasses, two ferneries, numerous specialist trees and shrubs. A large prolific vegetable plot and fruit cage means that we are almost self-sufficient in vegetables and soft fruit. A small stumpery, a parterre, climbing roses and clematis complete the picture. Refreshments available.


Sunday June 12th 2/4 pm

 Two gardens in Ingham

Garden one

A small, enclosed cottage garden created in 2016 on the site of an old small holding. With perennial cottage favourites, the main focus of the garden is an island flowerbed with smaller corners of interest including a container garden created for shade and another on a south facing terrace David Austin roses provide scented focal points amongst the perennials with clematis adding height and colour.


Garden two

A south facing garden that has yet to reach its potential. Effort has gone in to try and create different areas using beech hedges, borders and staddle stones.

To create height tripods, arches and a central pergola have had some success but could do so much more to provide points of vertical interest.

To the side of the house is the productive vegetable patch and a very busy greenhouse. A very wide garden with the best views from the west facing summer house across the garden. There must be some budding garden designers amongst you or even someone with a lively imagination to give us some ideas on improvements we can make? Maybe an extra piece of cake for the best ideas?

Refreshments available and a small plant and craft stall.


SaturdayJune 18th  2/4pm


The garden is informal in style, with a lot of trees. As a result, much of the garden is shady, and foliage plants such as ferns and heucheras give form and colour in summer.  In the sunnier areas there are, herbaceous borders, a pond and    a  rockery.  We  have recently added an extension to the garden which contains a model railway, which we hope to run if the weather permits.  Tea and cake will be served.



Saturday 25th June 2/4 pm



 Small garden at the end of a cul de sac. designed for colour, scent and wildlife. Front garden has slate paths, gravel bed and borders. A sloping rear garden with roses, ferns, pond, summerhouse and a restored pump. Greenhouse with mature grapevine and a productive lemon tree.

Plants for sale.

Refreshments available.


Friday  July 1st  at 2 pm



Stone built farmhouse.  Large garden with  mixed shrubs and  interesting trees - including what is thought to be a weeping lime -but perhaps you know differently ? Identification welcome !  Interesting lower garden (formerly a crew yard) with a Mediterranean feel. For those unable to cope with steps there is another entrance to the lower garden.

Refreshments available.


Saturday July 9th 2/4 pm Garden 


Our garden covers over half an acre. Until the house was built, in the 1880s, it was a brick pit and then a builder’s yard. The back yard is paved and here we have container-grown plants. The ground falls away steeply behind the house, and the soil is infertile, badly drained, and moderately shaded. Much of the garden is managed for its wildlife interest, and on the low-lying area we have established a wildflower meadow which is rich in native species including orchids and fritillaries, with many plants originating from the HPS Seed Scheme. The uphill side of the former brick pit is terraced. Roses do well here. There is an old pear tree and several old apple trees, and a large willow, ash and walnut, and plum scrub. 

We have replaced our vegetable garden with a greenhouse and cutting garden. We have rich bird and small mammal wildlife. Our plants are chosen for their resilience rather than their rarity. 

Not suitable for wheelchair users or those unsteady on their feet as there are steps and steep slopes which can be slippery. There are steps to a toilet.

Refreshments - tea and cakes are available.


                                                           Wednesday 13th July 2/4pm    


2 gardens at Wellingore

 Garden one

The garden was developed out of a car park over a period of about 5 years. Mixed planting with emphasis on Salvias and other colourful perennials and interesting planting schemes. Greenhouse and patio area.

Refreshments available


Open in conjunction with garden two


Bordered on one side by the old chapel with its attractive wall the garden consists of mixed borders, roses, shrubs and hardy perennials. Lots of summer colour. 

Interesting trees. A lovely old fashioned cottage garden on a slight slope.  Plants for sale.

 Refreshments available.


      Wednesday 27th July  2/4pm    


Wold Haven is a three-quarter acre garden with several different areas of interest according to the soil type, location or season.  At the front there is a steep bank which is at its best in late winter and spring.  The rest of the garden has herbaceous borders and beds, a tropical garden, roses and vegetables.  These are in full bloom throughout the summer and autumn. There are three greenhouses which provide tender plants for the patio

and fruit and vegetables during the summer.

Refreshments available 


Saturday August 6th  2/4pm



A large garden and very much a labour of love, full of colour from herbaceous borders with sunken garden, bog garden, giant chess set and beautiful iron work dotted around. Contains both formal and informal areas, semi-woodland garden with medieval moat. A walled Mediterranean garden.

What more could you wish for, a must-see garden.


Wednesday 10th August  2/4pm


The garden of this new build semi-detached house was started in 2017 after a short move across town. The L shaped

plot is approximately 60ft long by  30ft at its widest point. Surrounded by wooden fencing it runs almost east/west along its length; the soil is light and free draining, being just the acid side of neutral.

I made a largely pointless scale plan on paper which was soon discarded, largely laying out the beds with timber, canes and string. Many (too many) plants and containers were brought from my old garden which then got in the way of planning the layout. Early decisions were made to have a number of raised beds, gravel paths and no lawn. Two sheds (one of which pretends to be a ‘garden room’) were soon in place as were

two small patios. It had taken 30 years to get the previous garden as I wanted it, I don’t have that many years left! The planting is a mix of small trees, shrubs, climbers and herbaceous plants, all underplanted with bulbs. Apart from two apple and a quince tree it is ornamental plants only. The planting now needs some editing as I repeated the previous mistake of planting too close together!  Refreshments available


Thursday Sept 1st   2/4pm, Tues May 10th and Wednesday July 20th 


A Grade II listed cottage 

Lots of interesting features in this superb small garden which has been developed from a blank canvas. The house was a smallholding – the outbuildings housing various forms of livestock at one time hence the soil is enriched with lots of organic matter!

The garden consists of mixed perennials, roses, clematis and other climbers along pergolas, a yew tree trimmed to the shape of a heart, a stone-lined well (original) with wrought iron cover, lots of garden decorations -- must be seen! Narrow, winding gravel paths and   seating area for refreshments. Plants for sale.



Tuesday September 13th . 2pm

Scartho, Grimsby


In September the garden usually focuses on Michaelmas daisies, perennial sunflowers and sedums. In addition, there should be roses, cosmos, verbena and more. This is a reasonably large urban garden, with a sense of different “rooms”. You enter a traditional front section, and then walk round the house to a middle area which has some older style mid-20th century landscaping, and borders.  Finally there is a lawned back garden with more herbaceous borders. The garden benefits from the view of all the trees and shrubs in surrounding gardens. Wheelchair access. Flat in all areas.

Refreshments available.