Garden:   Scartho, Grimsby

Owners:  Hazel and Roger Hale 

Date:         Thursday 9th May  

Time:         From 2 pm  

This is a medium sized urban garden for a 1922 house, with separate areas which are all quite different. I am hoping you will be able to see tulips,  

and other late spring flowers. Some of the surrounding gardens are quite large, so we have the benefit of other people’s trees and shrubs as a backdrop.  Wheelchair access. Flat in all areas. Afternoon tea served, with sweet and savory choices.    


Garden:  Harpswell  

Owner:   Pam Tatam  

Date:       Sunday May 13th  

Time:      From 2 pm  

A 3 acre garden of mixed borders, sunken garden, pond, walled gravel garden, woodland walk, parterre and medieval moat. See this lovely garden at a different time of year to usual and be inspired.  

Owners  Diane and Tony Sharpe  

Date:        Sunday May 19th   

Time:        From 2 pm  

We converted the barn and stables in 1978. A major part of the garden is at the front on a higher level than the barn and back garden with two steps down. The smaller back garden has decking, paving, small lawn and raised beds.  

 It’s a formal garden with box and yew hedging. Flower beds include iris, peonies, unusual hellebores, clematis and ferns. Various sitting areas follow the sun’s path. There is a Carpentaria California that Carol Klein told me would not grow as far north as Lincolnshire. It thrives in our garden! The historic church at the end of the road is well worth a visit and if you want lunch before your visit-

try the Generous Briton in the High St (the Ring them first 01400 272119  

Garden:  Bardney Manor  

Owner:   Samantha Wright  

Date:      Saturday May 25th   

Time:      From 2 pm  

Bardney Manor is a historic manor house located in the village of Bardney. It was originally built in the 16th century and has been owned by various families over the years. The manor house is famous for being the home of Lord john Sharpe of  Sharpe’s Seed who turned the garden and kitchen walled garden into growing grounds for various plants, vegetables and fruit. Bardney Manor gardens has areas of perennial planting, cut flower borders and a David Austin Rose Avenue.. Refreshments, gifts and plants are available at the Blacksmith’s studio.   


Garden:   Sudbrooke  

Owner:    Coral Evans  

Date:        Monday June 3rd  

Time:        2-4 pm   

I moved here in 1998.  A year later we redesigned it with my practical skills and eye for design, major renovations took place with huge support from my late husband. Ebay was a useful source of features and statues. My other hobby is wood carving and you will see lots of my work throughout the garden.  

The garden includes a rose garden in my husband’s memory, shrub borders, wooded areas, secret paths, greenhouses, veg patch and small orchard.  

Please note: Parking is limited and there is a 400yd walk from suitable parking areas. Limited disabled parking on the premises.   

Please book disabled parking with Lesley Text: 07771675146 or  

Garden 1: Ingham  Two Garden Visit

Owner:    Gill Stonham  

Date:        Friday June 7th                                      

Time:      From 2 pm  

A south facing garden that is still waiting to reach its potential. Effort has gone in to try and  

create different areas using beech hedges, borders, plants and saddle stones. A gabion has been filled with cones and other wild materials to create a second bug hotel. Water collection barrels have been increased to allow over 1500 litres of water to be captured. To create height, tripods and arches have had some success but could do so much more to provide points of vertical interest. The east corner has been left as small wild area. To the west facing side of the house there is a small new patio area a productive vegetable patch, a new raspberry bed and a very busy greenhouse.  

As you wander around do consider our plea…how might we reach its true potential!   


Garden 2:  Ingham  

Owner:   Liz Showell  

Date:       Friday June 7th  

Time:      From 2 pm  

A small, enclosed cottage garden created in 2016 on the site of an old smallholding. Includes perennial cottage favorites, an island flowerbed and smaller corners of interest including a container garden for shade. David Austin roses provide scented focal points amongst the perennials with clematis adding height and colour.  

Garden:     Walesby  

Owners:    Judith Sweny and David Milles  

Date:          Friday June 21st  

Time:         From 2 pm  

Formerly a racing stables this lovely old Georgian style house is set in beautifully landscaped gardens with stunning vistas. It features large herbaceous borders, characterful ancient oak tree, pond, orchards and vegetable area. Timeless and peaceful a reflective garden with history. A visit is a must!  

Garden:    Haxey  

Owner:     Jillian Horberry  

Date:         Thursday June 27th  

Time:         From 2 pm  

A one acre quite open garden surrounding an early Victorian house. Unusual trees, folly, rill, orangery and terrace, vegetable parterre plus meadows. In all, a very interesting garden.  


Garden:   Scothern  

Owners:  John and Joyce Good  

Date:       Tuesday July 2nd  

Time:       From 2 pm  

The garden at Overbeck has been developed from scratch by the owners over the last 28 years. It extends to approximately 2/3rd s of an acre and is a haven for wildlife. The long herbaceous borders and island beds give evidence of the owner’s interest in collecting a wide range of perennials.  

Other areas include a hosta border, a gravel bed with grasses, a rockery, two ferneries, a small stumpery, numerous shrubs and an interesting range of trees. The recently developed parterre is nearing maturity and is close to the prolific fruit and vegetable area.  Small quantity of plants for sale.  


Garden:    Caythorpe  

Owners:   Jean and Gerry Allen  

Date:        Friday July 7th   

Time:       From 2 pm  

The garden is around ¼ acre, divided into several different areas. A woodland area with mature trees is furthest from the house, with mixed borders around a lawn occupying most of the rest. In addition, there is a rockery, a pond, a small fernery, raised beds for vegetables and some soft fruit. Planting is informal and wildlife-friendly, with a number of smaller trees and several sculptures for added interest.  


Garden: Langworth.                                      

Owner:  Louise Mumford  

Date:      Thursday July 18th   

Time:      From 2 pm  

Garden developed since we moved here - 2012 on wards. Circular lawn and borders- side garden, ponds and wildlife area, orchard with various construction projects! Latest being reuse of some old railings to make a rose garden.   

The garden been constantly evolving and we’re learning as we go - some failures on the cold wet clay. We do have animals- Soay sheep, a Suffolk Punch, birds etc. Woodland to be planted in early 2024 in adjacent fields. Proceeds in aid of the St John Ambulance, Lincolnshire.  


Garden:   Lincoln  

Owners:  John and Linda Brook  

Date:       Thursday 25th July  

Time: Two shifts 2pm and 3 pm.  

(When booking, please state which time)  

Medium sized garden. Mixed borders with annuals, perennials, trees and a semi - tropical plants in a woodland setting.        

Unusual plants in nicely landscaped setting. Small quantity of plants for sale.  

Garden:     Branston Booths  

Owners:    Ashleigh and Michael May  

Date:         Thursday August 1st   

Time:         From 2 pm  

In 2016 Moorland Farm had been lying fallow for more than four decades, now, seven years later, Michael and Ashleigh have hacked back the blackberries and nettles (mostly!) and split the 12 acre plot into a native tree woodland, a grass and wetland area, apple and nut orchards, a vegetable garden, a greenhouse and nursery and they've thrown a handful of wild and garden ponds into the mix. Don your wellies and take a ramble around the property to enjoy the wonderful wildlife that is being attracted by all the young trees and ponds. Tea and cake included!  To get the full benefit, there is some walking over natural rough mown pasture. Suitable walking attire is recommended.  

Garden:   Marigold Cottage  

Owner:    Stephanie Lee andJohn Raby  

Date:        Friday August 9th      

Time:        From 2 pm   

Marigold Cottage garden is a seaside cottage garden which has been welcoming visitors from far and wide for more than twenty  

years.  During this time, it has evolved and expanded to  cover around half an acre, including a kitchen garden and plant nursery area.  There are hidden paths to explore and interesting plant combinations, as well as some oriental touches inspired by many years living and working in Japan and Taiwan.  

I usually recommend that if you are coming from a distance, you make a day of it, as Sutton on Sea is an unspoiled village with lovely sandy beaches.  Lunches are possible in Sutton on Sea and nearby Sandilands. We will open from 2 pm.  

Entrance will be £7 to include entrance, tea and homemade cakes.  All the money will be donated to the National Garden Scheme   

Garden 1:  Wellingore 

Owner:      Jean Salmon  

Date:         Wednesday August 7th   

Time:        From 2 pm   

Coming to live in Wellingore 8 years ago, which is situated on a limestone cliff, it was quite a challenge to transform a large gravel driveway into flowerbeds. These now contain salvias, echinacea, cistus and roses. Join me for a cup of tea in my walled garden near the church.  

Just two miles away is another garden to visit, both serving refreshments!

Garden 2:  Welbourn 

Owner:      Nina & Malcolm McBeath  

Date:         Wednesday August 7th  

Time:         From 2 pm   

A garden of approximately half an acre with winding paths separating long colour-themed borders of cottage-style perennial planting. Roses feature strongly throughout, including through the trees, with Paul’s Himalayan Musk planted 22 years ago now reaching the top of the 200 yr old walnut tree and Adelaide d’Orleans weaving its way delicately through the silver-leaved weeping pear (Pyrus salicifolia pendula). Recent alterations in the garden layout are aimed at easier maintenance. It remains to be seen whether these aims  are achieved or whether over enthusiasm will take over again, Plants for sale too.